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VERB \ The process of helping people make smart choices about prescription drugs and medical cannabis.

NOUN \ Experts helping Canadians and companies make smart drug and medical cannabis choices, and keep their plans sustainable.

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Stay in the know about drug development and medical breakthroughs in the fight against COVID-19.

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Smart drug choices

Reformulary's DrugFinder® tool puts the formulary (drug list) in the hands of members, allowing them to make smart drug choices and proactively manage their health.

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Informed business decisions

Data analytics subscription that provides accurate, clean and validated data insights updated on a monthly basis to help pharma companies make informed decisions.

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Cannabis Standard

Cannabis Standard provides trusted medical cannabis guidelines, as well as enables patients to collect their own validated, quality-of-life data. Independent. Credible. Trusted.

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Save Money
  • Performance: 10.4% average savings for all first-year employers in 2017
  • 55% of first-year employers achieved savings >16%
  • Plan members also save by taking preferred drugs
Keep Plan Sustainable
  • 76% of employers experienced flat-lined or decreasing Per Member Per Month drug spend over previous three years
  • Positive impact on pooling charges for high-cost drugs, potentially meaning lower premiums for employers
Rely On Trusted, Expert Advice
  • Independent. Credible. Trusted.
  • 100% portable among carriers that offer the Reformulary
  • We make the transition to the Reformulary seamless
  • Made by Canadians. For Canadians.
DrugFinder: Award-Winning Tool

A new generation of health tools:

Outcomes Over Ownership
  • Subscription-based service designed to meet your needs
  • We actively monitor new drugs coming to market
  • We review and evaluate how well a drug works & how much it costs
  • We focus on specialty drugs & provide criteria for coverage
  • We measure everything
About Us

For decades, few knew what a formulary was, let alone understood its importance.

And because no one took care of it, a formulary ceased to be nothing more than a long list that went unmanaged, was undifferentiated, and was not transparent to users.

When a formulary is not managed intelligently and Canadian employers are spending $11 billion annually, there are bound to be consequences.

Increasing drug spend and rising premiums will ultimately lead to desperate and blunt measures to control costs. These measures tend to alienate employees without appreciably reducing costs.

That is precisely why our founder started Reformulary Group, and consequently, why we continue to achieve a high level of success.

Our Reformulary® - which is built on trusted, expert, independent advice – has proven to save employers money and make their plans more sustainable.

Through our Reformulary's DrugFinder® platform, we put the formulary in the hands of plan members and Canadians to empower them to make smart drug choices.

Our new Cannabis Standard™ formulary is being built based on a thorough review of the evidence and on the trusted independent advice of our Cannabis Formulary Committee.

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DrugFinder app
DrugFinder powered by Reformulary
Our Products
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The Reformulary® is a list of drugs (formulary), curated on the trusted advice of an independent panel of doctors and pharmacists that reviews massive amounts of research and evidence about each drug. It is available on a subscription basis to employers, through their plan administrator.

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DrugFinder™ is an app and desktop tool that searches the Reformulary, enabling plan members and consumers to make smart drug choices and take control of their health. DrugFinder is available to Reformulary subscribed employers and plan members, as well as all Canadians.

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RePort is a business intelligence tool that provides insights on prescription claims for Canadians covered by both public and private drug plans. RePort Launch provides near real-time rapid access to key drug launch performance metrics.

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Our Drug Early Warning (DEW) System™ is a sophisticated predictive modelling tool that monitors and evaluates new specialty drugs entering the Canadian market. It uses clinical algorithms to determine existing medical conditions and predicts the expected impact of new drugs on a drug plan, or group of drug plans.

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Our customer base includes several of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and Top Employers for Young People (2017), as well as small and large Canadian employers.

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