Trillium creating “new kind of healthcare” with Reformulary

Trillium Health Partners is a leading hospital in Canada with an outstanding record of performance, fiscal responsibility, and quality patient care. The hospital encompasses the Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and Queensway Health Centre. Trillium Health Partners has set out a vision and plan to create a “new kind of healthcare for a healthier community”, with goals to achieve quality, access, and sustainability.

With an organization-wide commitment to quality, access, and sustainability, Trillium Health Partners was looking for ways to achieve greater employee choice and long-term sustainability from its drug plan. After careful consideration, Trillium Health Partners made the decision to implement the Reformulary as a part of the benefits plan for non-unionized staff. Drug plans powered by Reformulary are structured and managed to maximize value and encourage coverage of drug products that are effective, safe and cost efficient.

Karli Farrow, Vice President, Strategy, People, and Corporate Governance explains, “When we sat down and looked closely at the modeling that Reformulary provided, we saw opportunities to provide better value in our drug plan to members. This aligns with our record of fiscal responsibility and providing quality benefits to our staff.”

The first hospital in Canada to implement, Trillium Health Partners successfully implemented the Reformulary on January 1, 2015. Today, these Trillium plan members have access to DrugFinder to become more engaged in their health care decisions by choosing preferred drugs in their plan.