Reformulary Group products to help you grow.

The Reformulary®

We’ve created a portable formulary based on over 300,000 hours of detailed drug reviews with the input of our panel of independent experts. It helps strike the balance between cost savings and member health outcomes.


An app and desktop tool, customized to your plan that searches The Reformulary, enabling plan members to make smart drug choices and take control of their health.


We think it’s important for people to be able to track their own progress. So, we developed different survey tools, measuring a person's productivity and quality-of-life. Because who knows how someone feels better than themselves?


A business intelligence tool that provides insights on prescription claims for Canadians covered by both public and private drug plans. RePort provides near real-time insights to how comparable drugs are performing in the market.


A fully independent exception, special authorization and appeal review service, by Reformulary Group.

With drug exception requests, everyone wants to have confidence that the decision is made with a fair process and based on the best evidence. myRequest™ powered by Reformulary Group provides a trusted, independent review by our experts – resulting in an informed recommendation based on the clinical evidence and plan member circumstances.

Our years of expertise in drug research, evidence-based reviews and formulary management make us a preferred independent choice for exception requests, appeals, and special authorization requests.