About Us

Reformulary Group makes drug plans more affordable for more Canadians.

Our Mission

We want to make more drugs more affordable for more Canadians.

Reformulary Group is committed to delivering drug benefit plans that are sustainable for both plan sponsors and plan members. The recommendations we offer are determined by science and evidence. Not just accounting.

We’re committed to not just following best practices, but to establishing them.

We are happy to disrupt the traditional models for drug benefits. Because in the end, we’re ultimately responsible to our clients and our own high standards.

Our Founder

Before founding Reformulary Group, Helen Stevenson was asked by the provincial government to review the prescription drug system in Ontario. She recommended a series of transformative changes, all of which were implemented. She became the first full-time Executive Officer of Ontario Public Drug Programs, as well as Assistant Deputy Minister of Health. 

Her next five years were spent disrupting and transforming the prescription drug system in Ontario. Helen and her team ended up saving the government and taxpayers $1.5 billion. She changed the way drugs were approved and made the government and taxpayers the customer. 

In 2011, she took disruption to the private sector, with Reformulary Group.

Helen Stevenson,

Founder, President & CEO