Innovation in its drug plan design

Hammond Power Solutions is the largest manufacturer of electrical dry-type transformers and related engineered magnetic devices in North America. A family-owned business for over 97 years, Hammond Power has grown into an industry leader with 1,400 employees, 12 manufacturing facilities and 8 regional warehouses.

“Being more open to change and looking for better ways” – innovation – is one of five core values at Hammond Power. That innovation extends into employee health benefits, whereby the company provides benefits to both its union and non-unionized staff, including extended health care and prescription drug benefits. Hammond Power was looking for better ways to provide prescription drug benefits, offering the best possible value while encouraging members to become more involved in their drug and health decisions.

In October 2014, Hammond Power seamlessly implemented the Reformulary® within their salaried employees. Marta Dawe, Human Resource Manager, commented on the smooth implementation with members actively using DrugFinder. She states, “We are very pleased overall with the implementation of the Reformulary. We followed a step-by-step, phased launch approach established by our insurance provider and Reformulary Group that made for a trouble-free transition. Communication to members was personalized, thorough and easy to understand.”