County of Wellington: Reforming and Improving Benefit Packages

The County of Wellington, is a quaint paradise located in south-western Ontario about 100 kilometres west of Toronto along Highway 401. The Corporation of the County of Wellington currently employs 477 full time and 3 64 part time employees.

Proud to be a forward thinking employer, the County’s corporate health and wellness objective is to create, promote and maintain a culture of health, wellness and safety. In 2009, the County was named one of “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” by Maclean’s magazine, and in 2014 was the recipient of the “Best Health and Wellness Strategy” by the Canadian Human Resources Awards. The County prides itself on providing top notch compensation, pension, and benefits, and, by doing so, attracts and retains top talent.

In 2016, Mississauga-based advisors, Mosey & Mosey, worked with the County of Wellington Human Resources Department, its Non-Union Benefits Group, and with the CUPE Local, on designing a new benefits package. The goal was to enhance certain health benefits that employees deemed important, while at the same time work towards sustainable benefit costs to the municipality.

Upon reaching an agreement with the Non-Union Group, the County negotiated with the CUPE Local to enhance certain benefits and ultimately implemented the Reformulary. Once the plan was implemented, plan members saw significant improvements in their audiology, vision, and smoking cessation benefits.

“The County of Wellington implemented the new plan in November 2017 and its success has already exceeded our expectations,” said Andrea Lawson, Director of Human Resources. “The support of Reformulary Group ensured a seamless transition for plan members. A comprehensive communications plan and town hall meetings addressed and answered concerns. Members have unanimously embraced the changes and to date, there have been no disruptions or complaints.”

The County of Wellington has already tracked impressive results at the one-year mark, achieving in-year savings of 9.7%.