An industry leader leading the way on benefits management

With its beginnings in Holland in 1960, Randstad is a leading recruitment partner, playing a pivotal role in shaping the world of work. They’ve been in the Canadian market since 1997 with more than 1,000 corporate employees throughout Canada. With digital transformation continuing to disrupt how organizations do business, Randstad has played a leading role in helping drive organizational strategy, workforce productivity and business performance. Randstad recognized that, to be a leader in the talent management business, they had to demonstrate leadership in the treatment of their own talent, their employee base.

In addition, Randstad recognized the unique challenges facing women at work and developed an initiative entitled “Women Transforming the Workplace” to enable women to help make workplaces more inclusive and mitigate unconscious biases in the workplace that inhibit female leadership. 

With the guidance of their benefits advisor, Webb Pension & Benefits, a boutique independent pension and benefit consulting firm, Randstad was looking to improve their healthcare and drug benefit program and selected Reformulary Group. Randstad was impressed by Reformulary’s forward-thinking vision of a sustainable prescription drug benefit plan that offers robust coverage over the long term. This included the dynamic nature of the Reformulary, an evidence-based formulary informed by a committee of independent experts and updated regularly to ensure access by plan members to medicines that provide the best health care value. Randstad was also drawn to Reformulary Group because of the leadership and vision of its founder and CEO, Helen Stevenson, a female entrepreneur who leveraged her expertise in reforming the Ontario public drug system and built the Reformulary. 

Randstad transitioned to the Reformulary in October 2020 with enhancements for plan members including increased coverage for a larger portion (reimbursement) of the cost of many drugs. The change went very smoothly, and the results speak for themselves. Randstad employees have received enhanced drug benefits including access to and coverage for prescription drugs that are safe and effective for their medical condition. At the same time, these improved benefits have come with offsetting savings thereby ensuring fiscal sustainability of the prescription drug plan.