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Reformulary Group launches drug coverage exception process

Toronto, September 21, 2020 – Reformulary Group, an expert-led Canadian healthcare company, announced a new, independent service called myRequest™ to manage drug coverage exceptions, allowing plan members to submit a drug exception or appeal request if they have been declined coverage of their prescribed medications.

myRequest is a suite of services that includes reviewing drug coverage exception requests, requests for appeals, and other future services that are available through a user-friendly portal. The requests are then reviewed by Reformulary’s independent medical experts, who provide a recommendation.

myRequest was built based on feedback from Reformulary clients and other organizations. There was demand for both an exception and an appeal process that were independent from insurance companies and that used external medical experts to review requests.

The myRequest exception process or appeal process is available to any plan sponsor or plan administrator across the country, and is independent of the Reformulary, our evidence-based, managed formulary. Currently, a large Canadian association benefit plan is subscribed to myRequest Services.

“Reformulary’s myRequest Services leverage what we do best,” said Helen Stevenson, CEO of Reformulary Group. “With the advice of our independent medical experts, we review each drug exception request based on best available evidence and make a decision specific to an individual.”

myRequest process

myRequest drug exception services includes a state-of-the-art, member-friendly portal that allows plan members to set up and access their account quickly and easily.

Once registered and signed into their account, members can fill out and upload the exception request form, reviewed and signed by their doctor. Additional documents supporting the request are also required. Reformulary’s medical experts then assess the request and make a recommendation to Reformulary Group, who ultimately makes the final decision on the exception request.

As a new development, myRequest Services will also include an appeal process for plan members that have already submitted a request and been denied coverage for a specific drug. Launching shortly, this service will initially be deployed with plan members of a large trust but is available to any plan sponsor or plan administrator in the Canadian market.

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