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Reformulary Group announces preferred pharmacy partnership with Rexall

Partnership offers preferred dispensing fee and exclusive savings to plan members

Toronto, August 28, 2020 – Reformulary Group, an expert-led Canadian healthcare company, today announced its preferred pharmacy partnership with Rexall, one of Canada’s largest and most trusted pharmacy organizations.

The partnership, which came into effect on June 15, 2020, offers exclusive savings on pharmacy needs for Reformulary plan sponsors and their members that are part of organizations that have agreed to participate in Rexall’s preferred pharmacy network. In addition to an exclusive savings card offering a discount on Rexall-branded products, the preferred pharmacy partnership is non-exclusive, and participation by plan sponsors and their members is voluntary. This initiative is in line with Reformulary Group’s ethos of empowering plan members by offering them choice and savings.

“Partnering with Rexall and offering access to its preferred pharmacy network adds greater value for our members – not just in improved health outcomes and reduced costs that generate direct savings for individuals, but also in Rexall’s expertise with our drug formulary, the Reformulary,” said Helen Stevenson, CEO of Reformulary Group.

Helping to make sense of medicine
Plan members who choose to pick up their prescription from a Rexall pharmacy will have direct access to pharmacists who are familiar and knowledgeable with the Reformulary – Reformulary Group’s evidence-based drug list. All 8,000 Rexall employees at 400 locations across Canada are plan members on the Reformulary themselves. Rexall pharmacists are well-equipped to advise patients on the drug choices most appropriate for them, and well-versed in using Reformulary Group’s award-winning DrugFinder™ digital tool.

The DrugFinder desktop and mobile app allows patients to search and compare drugs on the Reformulary, providing Canadians with the information they need to have informed conversations with their health care providers, and ensuring that plan members always have choices. The Reformulary reviews drugs based on the evidence related to how well they work and how much they cost, continually enhancing the sustainability and effectiveness of drug plans for plan sponsors and plan members.

Streamlining the prescription process
To further streamline the prescription drug process and support more effective healthcare, Rexall has developed its Be Well™ Loyalty program, an app to help patients manage prescriptions as well as a rewards program for health and wellness purchases and savings. It provides access to medication history, schedules refills and both tracks and alerts users when a prescription is ready for pick-up.

About Reformulary
Founded in 2011, Reformulary Group is an expert-led healthcare company focused on helping Canadians make sense of medicine. The company’s proprietary drug list, the Reformulary®, and award-winning DrugFinder™ digital tool provide Canadians with valuable comparative drug information, reviewed and vetted by an independent committee of doctors and pharmacists from across Canada. Reformulary Group built Cannabis Standard™, a discovery tool to guide medical cannabis use. Cannabis Standard also enables patients to track the impact of medical cannabis on their quality of life using a survey tool recognized by healthcare professionals worldwide. For more information visit