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Reformulary’s DrugFinder receives TELUS Outstanding Product Award

At the 33rd annual Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance Leadership Awards Gala, Reformulary Group received the TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award for DrugFinder™, a consumer tool that gives Canadians access to independent and expert research on prescription drugs.

DrugFinder was built as an educational tool to address gaps in prescription drug coverage. There are many Canadians who cannot afford to pay for their medication because they lack prescription drug coverage altogether or have inadequate coverage and cannot cover the cost of their medication. With DrugFinder, patients can search prescription drugs to see if what they’ve been prescribed is preferred by the expert panel – meaning that the drug provides the best combination of clinical and cost-effectiveness.

DrugFinder also gives Canadians access to recommended – or preferred – alternatives for drugs that are considered non-preferred.

“With DrugFinder, we want to empower Canadians to take control of there,” said Helen Stevenson, founder and CEO of Reformulary Group. “We are incredibly proud of this recognition and will continue to help educate patients and empower them to make smart drug choices and take control of their health.”

The TELUS Outstanding Product Award recognizes a Canadian organization for a technology engineering development or solution that has resulted in a world-class M-Health product and has enhanced Canada’s international reputation for healthcare innovation and excellence. In the shift from physician-focused, disease oriented and hospital-based care to consumer-driven wellness, DrugFinder puts power in the hands of the patient.

How it works

DrugFinder is an online tool that searches the Reformulary®, a list of drugs reviewed and handpicked by clinical experts. Users can search by drug name or medical condition, and look up if there is an alternative drug that works just as well. Users can also keep track of their medications in DrugFinder’s virtual Medicine Cabinet and sign up for alerts about alternative drugs available and new drugs on the market, as well as other health-related information.

Recently, Reformulary Group trained Alexa to enhance the DrugFinder user experience. By asking questions into an Alexa-enabled device like the Amazon Echo, Alexa will respond to the patient’s inquiries. Users can ask questions such as, “Are there better options for Drug X?” Or, “What is the generic of Drug X?”

DrugFinder Video

DrugFinder is a trusted, credible tool for all Canadians to help them make smart drug choices:

  • Companies that subscribe to the Reformulary achieve significant savings and a more sustainable future
  • People who pay out-of-pocket for drugs can make smart drug choices that consider cost
  • Parents, caregivers, and seniors can keep track of the family’s drugs with the virtual Medicine Cabinet

About Reformulary Group

Reformulary Group is a healthcare company, founded in Toronto in 2011. The Company’s most notable innovation is its proprietary formulary – the Reformulary® – which it sells on a subscription basis to Canadian employers. The Reformulary is curated based on the trusted advice of an independent panel of doctors and pharmacists. Reformulary Group CEO, Helen Stevenson started the company in 2011. The former Executive Officer, Ontario Public Drug Programs, and Assistant Deputy Minister of Health, Stevenson and her team saved Ontario taxpayers $1.5 billion. Plans powered by Reformulary® achieve significant savings and through the DrugFinder™ app, help people make smart drug choices and take control of their health.

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