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Real-world evidence reveals better treatment for plaque psoriasis

News release: June 13, 2022

Real-world evidence reveals better treatment for plaque psoriasis

CADTH, in collaboration with Reformulary Group, conducted its first study using data from private and public drug plans to examine the use of old versus new generation biologics to treat plaque psoriasis. Despite new generation biologics showing greater clinical efficacy compared to old generation biologics, the study showed that older therapies continue to be prescribed.

TORONTO, ONTARIO. June 13, 2022. In a first-of-its kind study that included using Reformulary’s procured dataset, CADTH – the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, announced today there are opportunities for better patient outcomes when using newer generation biologics in the treatment of plaque psoriasis. The study sheds significant insight into the importance of proactive reviews of different treatment options to maximize patient benefits and potential cost savings.

Psoriasis currently affects over one million Canadians and the numbers are growing. Yet at least 25% of new patients covered by public plans are being prescribed older generation biologics; up to 50% of people covered by private plans are getting prescriptions for older biologics. Public plans specifically have greater cost effectiveness with newer generation biologics because of negotiated agreements through the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA).

“This is concerning if the trend continues” said Helen Stevenson, CEO of Reformulary Group. “There is increasing prevalence of plaque psoriasis in Canada which has cost implications for public and private drug plans.”

Reformulary Group’s advantage is that it uses evidence-based formulary management for its proprietary drug formulary offered to customers. Using evidence-based reviews, Reformulary’s expert panel regularly assess and updates new drugs or classes of drugs for its over 1,000 clients. For patients and plan sponsors, this approach provides the best healthcare value both in terms of clinical and cost effectiveness.

Beyond newer generation biologics, there is a new class of drugs called biosimilars that have the same clinical effectiveness at substantial cost savings. Reformulary Group’s BioSimsTM program is the result of a comprehensive evidence-based review of older and newer generation biologics as well as biosimilars.

“This insightful CADTH study highlights the importance of using real-world evidence to understand how drugs are prescribed and the critical role of healthcare providers in knowing and adapting to this evidence.” said Helen Stevenson. “Well-managed formularies provide effective medication for patients at a lower cost so that savings can be directed to other health care priorities, such as mental health and affordable rare disease treatment.”


About Reformulary

Founded in 2011, Reformulary Group is an expert-led healthcare company focused on helping Canadians make sense of medicine. The company’s proprietary drug list, the Reformulary®, and award-winning DrugFinder® digital tool provide Canadians with valuable comparative drug information, reviewed, and vetted by an independent committee of doctors and pharmacists from across Canada. Reformulary Group has procured and manages vast datasets of prescription claims data from third-party sources; it built and applies proprietary algorithms to mine valuable insights from this real-world data. Reformulary used this procured dataset for the purposes of the study; data from Reformulary clients was not used.

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CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit agency funded by Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial governments (except Quebec) to provide credible, impartial advice and evidence-based information about the effectiveness of drugs and other health technologies to Canadian health care decision-makers.

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