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    covered on my plan, and at what co-pay"

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With Reformulary, you can make more informed decisions about the drugs you take

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Savings invested in me

Many plans have reinvested some of the savings from Reformulary in better coverage or other benefits for you as plan members.



DrugFinder is our online, easy-to-use tool—and it's available 24/7, even on mobile devices.



Finally, a tool to help you easily look up what drugs are on the Reformulary at what co-pay, and also find preferred alternatives.



The Reformulary has been designed to give you the information you need, so you're involved in the choice of drugs that you take.



Your pharmacist ALSO has access to the DrugFinder to help you choose drugs that provide the best healthcare value.



Reformulary is key to making your plan sustainable so that your employer can continue providing drug benefits.

Myth or Fact?

Think your drug plan is sustainable?
See which of the following statements
about your drug plan are true.

Drug plan changes are just a way of slashing costs at the expense of employees.

Myth or Fact?

Myth: The costs of drug plans increase year over year, even without providing any additional benefits. Employers are paying attention. The Reformulary is the only solution in the country that promotes sustainability and involves you.

Your doctor knows all the drugs available in your plan.

Myth or Fact?

Myth: It's impossible to keep track of the thousands of drugs available to treat every medical condition—and to know which drugs are covered. The DrugFinder makes knowing easy: Either you or your doctor can look up your preferred drug options online.

Generic drugs are not as good as brand drugs.

Myth or Fact?

Myth: Generic drugs typically cost about 75% less than brand name drugs in Canada. Other than price, the quality, purity, effectiveness and safety of generic and brand drugs are virtually identical. Choosing a generic drug on the Reformulary is simply good value.

I can help drive sustainability in my drug plan.

Myth or Fact?

Fact: You can become better informed and consider drugs that are effective and provide better value. The Reformulary gives you tools so you can choose preferred drugs - keeping your drug plan strong and sustainable for years to come.

Employees never know what drugs are covered in their plan.

Myth or Fact?

Fact: ...unless your drug plan is powered by Reformulary! When you become a member, you get immediate access to DrugFinder, and you can see exactly what drugs are covered by your plan, on what tier, and at what co-pay.

How to get your Doctor onboard

DrugFinder has resources to make it easy to discuss drug options.

Female doctor talking to female patient.

The truth is, most doctors understand how expensive medications are in Canada, and will work with you to help lower your co-pay. We've also got some tools to help with your discussion:

  1. Access the

    Use the DrugFinder to see what preferred drugs are available on the Reformulary to treat your medical condition. DrugFinder mobile on iPhone.You can also learn more about whether the drug being subscribed has quantity limits and/or grandfathering conditions.

  2. Find

    DrugFinder will tell you whether there are preferred drugs on the Reformulary that are just as safe and effective as the ones you're using now — but can be offered to you at the lowest co-pay.

  3. Talk to
    your doctor

    Use your mobile phone to access DrugFinder and show your doctor your preferred alternatives. Or you can print the "Note for My Doctor" which automatically lists the preferred drug options in your drug plan.

    A Note for my Doctor.

Help shape the Reformulary so it works best for you.

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Survey Questions
  • Q1
    When your doctor writes you a prescription, do you always take your medication?
  • Q2
    Would you be willing to pay more out of your pocket so that you can have any drug you want?
  • Q3
    A new drug is available that is virtually identical to an existing drug. The new drug is much more expensive. Would you pay for it?
  • Q4
    Pharmacists are very knowledgeable about prescription drugs. Would you be comfortable taking a drug suggested by your pharmacist, especially if it cost you less?
  • Q5
    How often do you discuss health-related matters with your family and friends?
  • Q6
    In your drug plan, do you know what drugs are covered and at what co-pay?

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